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Project Description: This service enables cloud storage of your NodeXL social media network datasets.

The Connected Action NodeXL Graph Server Importer allows you to import your Twitter or Facebook data into NodeXL from the cloud based Connected Action NodeXL Graph Database.

Contact Connected Action for pricing and availability.

Connected Action NodeXL Graph Server Database enables NodeXL users to store their data from Twitter and Facebook in a personal Cloud Storage locker.  

Specify the search terms and queries that matter to you with your Connected Action account representative and the Connected Action NodeXL Graph Database will collect and store the data for you every day.

Subscribers who access the Connected Action NodeXL Graph Database can then use NodeXL to import long periods of their collected social media network data in a short period of time!

This importer can be added to any recent copy of NodeXL.  

Just download the add-in and copy it to the folder you have selected to hold 3rd party importers for NodeXL.

You can select the folder to use for 3rd party importers via the menu located at:

NodeXL>Data>Import>Import Options:

20150210-NodeXL-Data-Import-Import Options Dialog

The folder can be anywhere in your file system.

When you restart NodeXL, your NodeXL>Data>Import Menu may look like this:

20150210-NodeXL-Data-Import-Import Menu List

When you select the option "From Connected Action NodeXL Graph Server..." you will get a dialog that looks like:

Enter  your account credentials and then enter the queries you have created with your Connected Action account representative.

NodeXL will then import a social media network data set that can be automatically analyzed and visualized.

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